Our Story

John Murray  — President and CEO

25 Years of Quality, Efficiency & Professionalism

MP Masonry, Inc. was founded over 25 years ago by John Murray with a set of ideals to operate by. Provide honest and fair services and finished products delivered with quality, efficiency and professionalism.

Throughout the years, MP Masonry, Inc. has proven itself time and time again by taking on more and more challenging jobs, delivered successfully products that satisfied the General contractors and owners alike. On every job, we strive for complete safety, quality and efficiency, in that order. We have maintained our attention to detail, dedication to the work and have never shied away from a challenge, no matter how big or small.

This is reflected in our 100% completion rate. We have never started a job that we have not finished completely.

With our field teams working in conjunction with our office staff, including our Estimator, full time Safety Officer and experienced Projects managers, we deliver a high quality product with a professionalism and grade that is tough to match.

Our Team

Professionalism and grade that is tough to match 

Keith Comerford

Owner, Cheif Estimator and Project Manager

Keith Comerford is one of the owners, serves as the chief estimator within the company and has over 20 years in the Masonry trade. Keith has an excellent attention for detail in the drawings which shows through in his work. Keith is also a Project Manager with MP Masonry and ensures Quality Control is maintained on all jobs.

John Oliver Murray

Head Foreman and Field Consultant

John Oliver Murray is our on-site foreman, field supervisor and is called upon to consult on difficult jobs given his expertise and problem solving abilities. John has 25 years’ experience in the Masonry trade as a Mason and Foreman. John has completed many outstanding projects including Market Basket, Waltham. 550 Main Street, Reading. Rhode Island College Rec center, Brown University, to name just a few. John is known in the company for his meticulous attention to detail and his unwavering standards when it comes to the safety of his crew.

Robert Slowik

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Slowik holds a Babson MBA and has been with MP Masonry, Inc, since 2011 and since then has been a valuable member of the team. Robert is known for his ability to problem solve on the job and keep the company’s financial records current and accurate.

Lisa Gomes

Office Manager

Lisa has also been with the company since 2011 and in that time has kept the office in order and has been taking care of any on site orders for the foreman for various materials. Lisa has also been tasked with the company payroll, company records and archives.

Mark Welch

Warehouse Manager

Mark has been with MP Masonry, Inc. over 5 years and during this time he has increased efficiency and productivity in every aspect of his role. He ensures all sites are full stocked to start a job and that any orders by foremen are carried out expeditiously.

John Murray Jr.

IT Consulting and Projects Manager

John has previous experience in the Masonry field previously working as a labor and mason. He has taken on tasks of ensuring the company’s security, hardware, services and peripherals are all working at peak efficiency. John handles paperwork and project manager duties for the jobs assigned to him.


Our foremen have years of experience in the trade and have always finished their tasks in the safest and most efficient manners. For the Foremen, Safety is the number one priority and zero accidents is the ultimate goal on every job.


Claudiano Batista

Declan Houton

Edson Louro

Edson Louro

Mark Muse

Mark Muse

Tom Hodges

Tom Podgis